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Kristin Leinemann of Bremer Weinkolleg, Christian Schmid, DB AGAll bottled up

Bremer Weinkolleg imports wines from all over the world for its mail order business in Germany. The complete shipping package from customs clearance to tracking is provided by DB SCHENKERbeverages. more…

Masaaki Imai, DB AG, Joshua-Lieberman “In the flow”

Masaaki Imai is a kaizen pioneer. He explains to “logistics” what’s behind the Japanese method of business management – and says that the auto ­industry should put more faith in kaizen. more…

Jochen Thewes, DB AGJochen Thewes new CEO of Schenker AG

Supervisory Board appoints internationally experienced manager. more…

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SCHENKERoceanGRI Notice for Far-East to Canada and USA - September 30, 2015

Following announcements are issued by major Steamship Lines, please be advised of the intended new General Rate Increase (GRI) for all Eastbound cargo from Far East and Indian Sub-Continent origins to all destinations in Canada and USA with details as follows more…

Ocean NewsPSS Notice for Far-East to USA & Canada - September 19, 2015

Further to our September 15 PSS notice sent out on August 18, please be advised that September 15 PSS has been postponed to October 15, 2015 by major steamship lines. more…

Ocean PortsTranspacific East-Bound BAF to USA/Canada for Q4 2015

We would like to advise the Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) levels for the fourth quarter of 2015. more…


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