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Schenker Advantage

Streamlining your import business

Ensure international trade efficiency with Schenker's Customs Services.

The ever-changing rules and regulations of U.S. Customs and Border Protection adds complexity and risk to the North American importer. Schenker’s Customs Services can help you make sense of it all.

Schenker is one of the U.S.A.’s leading Customs Brokers, and we take a very active role in key government and industry advisory boards that shape the U.S.A.’s international trade agenda. This ensures that our customers are at the beginning of the information curve and that their interests are represented at the highest levels of government.

To maintain the smooth flow of your supply chain, Schenker has optimized the clearance process of your shipments. Our focus is to have the correct product information at the right time to ensure efficiency and compliance.

We have the competence to help you deal with the most complex international trade rules and regulations. For example, when you are planning to source from outside the country, it is critical to consider the origin of the product. This avoids costly penalties and more importantly ensures that you take full advantage of trade incentives available to businesses.

Utilizing state of the art technology, Schenker has a broad range of Customs related capabilities including:

  • C-TPAT certified and validated
  • ACE participant
  • Remote location filing (RLF) under national permit
  • Comprehensive customs compliance program
  • Importer security filing (ISF) filing services
  • Foreign-trade zone (FTZ) services
  • Reconciliation entry services
  • Temporary imports
  • Duty drawback services
  • Customs consulting services
  • On-line access to customs entry information and document imaging (MyBrokerage)
  • EDI communication and integration

Last modified: 12.12.2014

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