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Unit of measurement for environmental

DB Schenker’s environmental protection agent: The ECO2PHANT

For its customers DB Schenker has developed solutions along the entire supply chain, including low carbon freight transport, comprehensive staff training, and new, environmentally friendly technology.

All of this is embodied by the ECO2PHANT, which is designed to show exactly by how much customers can reduce their carbon emissions with
DB Schenker Logistics. The ECO2PHANT is the company’s new unit of measurement for environmental protection. Each ECO2PHANT stands for five tons of carbon dioxide reduced – about as much as a real elephant weighs. The ECO2PHANT not only enables customers to choose how much carbon dioxide they reduce, but also the way in which they do it. Depending on the route, emissions can be reduced, offset, or even completely avoided.

Last modified: 12.08.2014

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