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Modernization of the fleet

Cooperation with preferred carriers

The target in maritime freight transport is to reduce specific CO2 emissions by 15 percent by 2020 compared to 2006.

In the ocean sector, the almost 11,5 percent improvement on the previous year is due to the significantly increased energy efficiency of the preferred carriers. As well as fuel-saving sailing, the modernization of the fleet is an important reason for the improved environmental figures. Carriers such as (in alphabetical order) CMA-CGM, Hapag Lloyd, and Maersk, who are at the top of the table in emission reduction reporting to DBSL, have contributed greatly to this.  Emissions have dropped a total of 33 percent CO₂ /tkm since 2006, which means the target for 2020 has already far been exceeded. A new target is being reviewed as the environmental aspects of the DB2020 strategy are being fleshed out.

Entwicklung spezifischer Emissionen Seefracht, DB AG

Last modified: 19.08.2014

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