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Environmental measures

Environmental commitment in the USA, Canada, and Argentina

Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important. The national companies around the globe are taking the initiative and improving their CO2- footprints verifiably.

USA: Minimize transport-related emissions with SmartWay program
Schenker, Inc. is participating in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program. The purpose of SmartWay is to identify products and services that minimize transport-related emissions. This involves the systematic sharing of tools and resources among the individual partners with the aim of reducing emissions. The emission values are to be controlled using an electronic system called FLEET (Freight Logistics Environmental and Energy Tracking). The purpose of the program is to save between 3.3 and 6.6 billion gallons of diesel each year, which corresponds to emission reductions of 33-66 million tons of CO2 and up to 200,000 tons of NOx.

Canada: Raising the environmental awareness of our staff
DB Schenker in Canada is raising the environmental awareness of its employees and customers through a specific national sustainability program. The focus at Schenker of Canada Ltd. in its everyday work is on recycling. Waste paper from our offices is collected and recycled and we have a strict recycling program for packaging materials such as cardboard or shrink films in our warehouses. All the staff received the appropriate training in advance.

Argentina: Lower CO2 emissions during freight handling
Our national company in Argentina has optimized the CO2 emissions of its forklifts to protect the environment. To maintain the forklifts Schenker Argentina SA has engaged a service provider. The maintenance work should reduce CO2 emissions from the forklifts and simultaneously increase their performance.We are even striving to save resources in the office every day. We use thinner paper and have replaced paper towels with hand driers in the restrooms to reduce paper consumption.

Partnerships with strategic national suppliers
Schenker Inc’s central purchasing unit has developed partnerships with numerous strategic national suppliers, which in turn act in a very environmentally-aware manner and have their own environmental programs. For example, Schenker, Inc. recycles used office equipment, like computers, copiers and fax machines, with theassistance of the manufacturers’ return/recycle programs.

Last modified: 19.08.2014

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