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Shared goals with preferred carriers

Annual monitoring of emissions values

Just as in the air freight sector, DB Schenker also have close partnerships with preferred carriers in the shipping industry.

Currently the following measures are being implemented:

DB Schenker maintains close contact with its preferred carriers in order to determine the potential for and to implement long-term CO2 reductions. For example, our intention is that in 2020 ocean freight transport will produce 15 percent less specific CO2 emissions than in 2006. With less than 22 percent of total emissions, the ocean freight business of DB Schenker has the lowest proportion of emissions in relation to transport volume. Intensive discussions on subjects such as experience in environment management, CO2 calculation methods, and reduction potential take place in the annual environment workshops with the environmental managers of the preferred carriers and the ocean freight product managers of DB Schenker.

DB Schenker helps the preferred carriers to achieve their emission reduction targets by monitoring emissions values annually and coordinating the calculation methods.

Last modified: 20.02.2015

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