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DB Schenker Labs

Overview: Bridges to Science

DB Schenker Labs brings research and practice together, with the aim of developing today’s ideas into tomorrow’s marketable innovations.

The logistics industry faces huge challenges: growth in traffic flows and increasing complexity coupled with the highest demands on reliability. As a global player DB Schenker is therefore actively promoting innovations, and in 2007 created the DB Schenker Labs, a platform which builds bridges between science and industry. The small yet productive think tank – part of Division Strategy and DB Schenker Business Excellence – is pursuing the goal of developing today’s ideas into tomorrow’s marketable innovations.

Platform for science and industry

“It is our vision to make our mark throughout the industry with the innovations of DB Schenker Labs. To this end we bring together experts from the industry and the scientific community and develop projects tailored to market needs,” says Michael Kadow, Vice President Business Excellence DB Schenker and Head of DB Schenker Labs. “At DB Schenker we can identify in our research projects a great deal of potential for future solutions aimed at offering our customers the best possible services,”, continues Kadow. “For that reason we are working closely with the renowned Technical Universities of Berlin, Darmstadt, Dresden and Dortmund, as well as the Aachen University of Technology and various Fraunhofer institutes, while continually expanding our network.”

Coordinating of general interest

In addition, DB Schenker Labs is responsible for coordinating research collaborations and projects of general interest. We are assessing, for instance, the market relevance and technology of innovative handling systems for intermodal transport. A further example is the development of a strategy for asset intelligence: on the basis of extensive interviews and outlines of interesting applications, DB Schenker Rail is now scrutinising the potential of selected solutions. As Kadow notes: “At DB Schenker Labs we provide the required expertise from our research network and coordinate the activities with the other divisions. This enables us to achieve a good balance between the requirements of business and the scientific community’s greater interest in general insights. From experience we can say that the forging of links works well and both sides are deriving great benefits from the collaboration.”

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