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DB Schenker Labs/TU Berlin survey

Survey: innovative logistics providers count in a crisis

Innovative providers of logistical services are important partners during times of crisis. This is one of the findings of a survey conducted by DB Schenker Laboratories together with the TU Berlin at this year’s transport logistic trade fair in Munich.

Visitors to the trade fair were asked about the importance of current and future logistics-related subjects, as well as what they expected from DB Schenker Labs, which was founded this spring. The survey covered a randomly selected sample of 216 trade fair visitors, of which the majority were specialists and management personnel, in addition to researchers, scientists, teachers as well as junior personnel.                                                                                       

The persons surveyed judged that “transparency in the supply chain” (17%) and “restructuring/increasing efficiency of logistical processes” (17%) were currently the most important subjects in logistics, closely followed by “cooperation with innovative providers of logistics services” (16%). An additional subject of great current importance for the industry is adjusting to the economic crisis and thus “reducing capacities and inventories” (14%).

Green Logistics will become increasingly more important in the future

According to 25% of those surveyed, the most important issue in the future will be “environmentally-friendly logistics.” Based on the survey’s results the subject of “safety in the supply chain” (16%) will also gain importance in the future. Logistics service providers will be increasingly expected to develop strategies to reduce costs (79%), whereby highly specialized service providers will be in greater demand than generalists.

Overall, the respondents looked ahead to the year 2015 with optimism. While the importance attached to the response to the crisis and “restructuring/increasing efficiency of logistical processes” dropped sharply, logistics-relevant growth indicators such as “outsourcing” recorded gains.

Survey provides fresh impetus for DB Schenker Laboratories

DB Schenker Laboratories’ goal is to make their research findings available to the logistics industry, research, educators and the interested public. The respondents’ hopes for the Lab included “provide access to network of partners from the worlds of science and actual business practice” (48%), as well as offers in the area of “qualifying and further education” (47%).

The survey participants also suggested topics for research and innovative ideas. Some of the suggestions were related to DB Schenker Laboratories’ existing areas of emphasis: seaport hinterland routes/combined transport, transportation networks and environmental and resource protection.

The DB Schenker Laboratories team will intensively discuss the proposals with their partners from the worlds of science and actual logistical practice and then focus their future research profile on these issues.

A summary of the survey results can be downloaded as a MS Word document besides (in German only).

Last modified: 07.07.2009


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