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24th Logistics Seminar in Helsinki

Success factors for logistics

Dr. Thomas C. Lieb, Chairman of the Management Board of Schenker AG at the 24th Logistics Seminar: In these days of constantly changing demands, service providers have to offer solutions at an early stage.

Four vital conditions for lasting success in the logistics business were named by Dr. Thomas C. Lieb, Chairman of the Management Board of Schenker AG, Essen, in Helsinki. Speaking to around 1,000 delegates at the 24th Logistics Seminar of the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics, Lieb examined the factors required for success in times of changing demands.

Trend towards globalization is here to stay

“What’s more, the requirements of the customers are constantly changing. There is increasing demand for tailor-made solutions,” continued Lieb. He added that logistics services providers would only be able to negotiate with their customers on a level playing field if they could offer the necessary expertise in the product concerned combined with highly qualified human resources.

Changing demands need solutions at an early stage

Referring to a study conducted by WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, Lieb stated that even sharply rising oil prices would have only a negligible effect on the customers’ total procurement costs. Over the long term, the increases in wage and transportation costs facing the customers would not curb the international division of labor. What this means for logistics providers is that they have to come up with satisfactory solutions in response to steadily rising demand for worldwide supply chains.

Issue of sustainability has grown over the years

Finally, Lieb dealt with the issue of sustainability: “The sensivity of our customers for sutainability has grown over the years, visibly. We can expect the importance of green logistics to grow in future.” He stated that it was vital to reduce CO2 emissions by offering an intelligent combination of all transport modes. “From the overall viewpoint, providers of logistics services have to be adaptable and expand their networks, invest in the right human resources and be able to offer solutions at an early stage,” concluded Lieb.For more than 20 years, this event has been organized jointly by the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics, LOGY, and Establish Finland Oy. It ranks as one of the major forums for the exchange of information in the logistics business in Northern Europe.

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