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Service Alert – Possible disruptions

G20 Summit (July 7 2017) in Hamburg: possible disruptions

Security zones established for G20 Summit may result in disruptions of service.

On the occasion of the G20 Summit (July 7 2017) in Hamburg, various organizations and groups are planning demonstrations that are directed against the event.

The German authorities have established a security zone within which the measures taken to seal the area may result in disruptions. The following postal code areas are located in the security zone, and vehicles will not be able to stop or park in these areas before or during the G20 Summit:

Postal code 20457
Beginning at 6:00 AM on July 7 2017 through July 8 2017

Postal codes 20146, 20357 and 20355
Beginning on July 5 2017 through July 8 2017

It should also be assumed that pre- and on-carriage of international goods traffic at the port of Hamburg may be affected by disruptions due to the security measures.

We cannot rule out that day-to-day business may be temporarily affected. We therefore request that you notify your established DB Schenker contact partner early regarding time-sensitive shipments (to, from and via Hamburg). In addition, we will do everything in our power to minimize possible disruptions of goods transports at the port of Hamburg using our network.

Last modified: 27.06.2017


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