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One solution. Infinite possibilities

eSchenker: Logistics technology, redefined

Built around a powerful architecture of features, the new eSchenker portal helps you at every step of the logistical process with simple, seamless and often automated functionalities.

The world is on the move like never before, and the combination of traditional products and modern information is becoming increasingly critical. Companies will have to embrace integrated, collaborative and optimized logistics processes and technologies to stay competitive.

Consequently, DB Schenker’s new web portal combines enhanced existing eSchenker features with powerful new eServices – providing everything you need to manage your logistics processes efficiently, quickly and conveniently in one place. eSchenker is your electronic key to transparent logistics.

Everything covered. In one place.

eSchenker incorporates all transport modes and services in one portal – from land transport to global air and ocean freight, to contract logistics. It also includes scheduling and pricing, booking, tracking, invoicing, reporting, and more, accessible on all your devices.

Adapts to work the way you do.

One size certainly does not fit all. The eSchenker web portal can be adapted into the perfect size to suit you and your business. You can customize the features on a modular basis to fit in with your existing structures, and personalize settings to suit your requirements – no matter how big your shipment volumes and how complex your workflows.

More transparency. More control.

The big picture on the one hand, and comprehensive details on the other – eSchenker gives you round-the-clock access to both. It consolidates information and makes it visible at all stages of all processes, from source to delivery. Now you can see everything you need to know in seconds, anywhere, and react faster as a result.

Created for simplicity.

The new eSchenker portal is designed with a drag and drop dashboard layout, and easy automated templates incorporating your address book and archives. Managing complex shipments has never been this simple.

Save time. Save costs.

Your resources are your most valuable commodity – we understand that. The new eSchenker web portal delivers powerful technologies designed to streamline your workflows, saving you both time and money.

See for yourself, at eschenker.dbschenker.com, or for more information please contact your DB Schenker representative.

Last modified: 26.02.2016


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