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DB Schenker Chemical Solutions

The perfect formula for your supply chain requirements

Efficiency plus reliability is our proven formula for success. DB Schenker’s global network and advanced cargo tracking capabilities ensure that raw, finished or sensitive materials are transported quickly and reliably around the globe.

We provide the industry’s most effective and flexible logistics solutions, with environmentally sensitive services that ensure safe transport and storage, with energy-efficient equipment and facilities, sustainable warehouses and a low-emission fleet.

Global reach with local expertise. Dedicated chemical account teams create customized solutions that scale with your global expansion plans, offering total shipment visibility, full regulatory compliance in any country and any market, industry-leading risk management programs, and control tower solutions. Our stellar safety record is based on standardized supply chain processes and in-depth knowledge of sensitive cargo shipping, so wherever you are, or wherever you need your cargo to go, you get the same unsurpassed DB Schenker customer service with every shipment.

Chemical solutions at a glance:

  • Sensitive product handling
    We regularly transport chemically-sensitive, time-sensitive, temperature-sensitive and fire-sensitive products that require proper and delicate handling procedures, a practice not found in commercial carriers.
  • Superior capacity management
    There is always cargo capacity available to you, even during peak periods. We can accommodate virtually any shipment anytime. Peak scheduling control allows you to meet short sales cycles and navigate supply and demand fluctuations.
  • Special operations support
    Whether it’s HAZMAT compliance and control, air charter, rush orders, or new market implementation, DB Schenker helps chemical companies take control of their logistical needs.
  • Industry expertise
    DB Schenker’s global scope means that we have the relationships in the places you want to do business. Whether it’s setting up a plant, transporting raw materials, or breaking into an untapped market, we manage the chemical industry on a global scale.

Last modified: 15.03.2016

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