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Integrated e-tools and IT systems

IT Solutions

Information technology is a vital element for providing professional and reliable forwarding and logistics services around the world.

DB Schenker is capable of efficient electronic interchange of all relevant shipping information, lead times, performance indicators, etc.

Unified worldwide information and communication systems are the backbone to handle shipments not only physically, but also informationally to the satisfaction of the clientele.

Sophisticated methods such as SWORD, EDI, tracking incl. electronic proofs of delivery (ePOD), barcoding/scanning and mobile communications ensure efficient processes and smooth flow of information between DB Schenker, the local subsidiaries and branches and not least the customers.

Barcoding and ePOD

For instance, every packing piece of a terminal-handled shipment is tagged with barcoded labels and – at various crucial points of the transport chain – scanned. Thus, it is possible to monitor the shipment flow not only on shipment but even on package level. Deviations are reported immediately to the operational systems so that corrective actions can be taken without delay. In addition, tracking events are automatically set and transferred into the tracking application where detailed status information about each shipment is shown for the convenience of shippers and consignees.

Another important element of DB Schenker’s IT capabilities is the electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). The receipt of cargo is confirmed by the consignee on the respective documents. On request, this proof of delivery is digitized and directly sent to the shipper who can then, for instance, issue the respective invoice immediately. 

SWORD - the integrated data network

DB Schenker has implemented a unified worldwide information and communications system to manage shipments all the way through from the sender to the recipient. The IT systems of our local subsidiaries and branch offices are interlinked throughout by DB Schenker´s Worldwide Online Realtime Data Network (SWORD):

  • Worldwide transfer of project data
  • Worldwide transfer of transport-related data
  • Monitoring status and tracking of shipments

EDI - electronic interchange of order data with customers:

The future of data interchange procedures and customer interfaces is being increasingly dictated by international communication standards. In order to enhance customer benefit even further, all our data transfer is handled in accordance with the UN’s Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport standard (EDIFACT).

DB Schenker, of course, supports other standards such as XML, SAP IDOC, etc. This enables DB Schenker to meet the individual needs of its customers and to respond to changing market requirements.

Important interfaces of DB Schenker and its customers are the DB Schenker Scheduler as well as the connected tracking system. For details about these applications please speak to your account representative.

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Last modified: 14.10.2016

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