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eSchenker - tutorials

The eSchenker web portal is easier than ever, and with these quick tutorials you’ll be up and running in no time.

The eSchenker web portal is intuitive and simple to use as well as being fully customizable to your needs. These quick tutorial videos give you the knowledge you need to be up and running in a couple of minutes.

Getting Started: the first 5 steps
We’re absolutely dedicated to keeping your life as simple as possible. Both during your registration and as you get started with the eSchenker portal and familiarize yourself with its functionalities, we are here to help you every step of the way.

First 5 StepsPlay

Getting Started

This video will review the First 5 steps to getting started with the eSchenker tool including registration and customizing your dashboard.


Tracking (Visibility)
With eSchenker’s Tracking solutions you’ll have access to all existing visibility features and advanced tracking options. VIew your shipping details, shipping results and logs, alerts and notifications 24/7. No matter what mode of transportation you choose, no matter where in the world you ship, eSchenker Tracking provides one place for convenient, quick and efficient tracking access.



Available 24/7, track your shipments anywhere in the world with customizable alerts and detail logs. This tutorial will guide you through different visibility and tracking features.


Advanced Tracking
With eSchenker Advanced Tracking, you can find and track the history of your freight online -- anytime, anywhere, and any transport mode. Reconstruct the journey of your shipment and customize your shipment data with easy access to documents, container management, logs and more. Through Advance Tracking there are numerous ways to track via our customizable platform; be it reference numbers or other specific factors, for current and past shipments.

Advanced TrackingPlay

Advanced Tracking

Track your freight around the world online, anytime, anywhere, any mode, with eServices Advanced Tracking. Watch where your shipment has been and where it's going with customizable search criteria and document management.

Milestone notifications can make tracking shipments easier than ever. With the Notification resource, you can assign individual notifications for land, ocean and air freight trade lanes. Get notified of bookings, customs clearance, received shipments, etc. with easily customizable notifications and features all with a click.



Stay up-to-date with milestone notifications for land, ocean and air freight shipments. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of building a notification and other features available to help you track your shipments with ease.


Online Booking Created for Simplicity
eSchenker Booking provides you with increased transparency for your shipment bookings. Whether you need to review past bookings or to search for a saved booking for finalization. All relevant booking data and shipment-related documents can easily be maintained in the booking creation process.

Booking Play

Online Booking

Available for all means of transportation: land, air, and ocean, online booking with eSchenker is fast and efficient. Our Booking Tutorial will guide you through the individual booking steps.


Invoice Delivery
Optimize your invoice management with eSchenker’s Invoice Delivery. With customizable features that allow you to easily search, organize, view, and pay invoices, you can easily retrieve copies of related documents. All shipping and tracking information is also linked directly to the respective invoice so you have everything within a click’s reach. 


Invoice Delivery

Our Invoice Delivery tutorial will walk you through the features and customizations which will allow you to retrieve your invoices and related documents fast and efficiently.


Emissions Calculator
DB Schenker handles the issues of environmental and climate protection with the utmost care by acting green in all our transportation and logistics services provided. By offering customers advice and green solutions we aim to give customers the lowest emission transportation options available. No matter what you ship, how it gets there, or how it’s stored, the eSchenker Emissions Calculator will show you all options that offer the smallest carbon footprint.

Emissions CalculatorPlay

Emissions Calculator

This tutorial will walk you through the Emissions Calculator, showing how to calculate the carbon footprint your shipments will leave on our environment and climate, and how to ship with the smallest impact on our world.

Last modified: 14.10.2016

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