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Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

DB SCHENKERocean Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill

DB SCHENKERocean is a globally acting Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and provides full ocean carrier services.

DB Schenker is the global agent and representative of DB SCHENKERocean. As an NVOCC, SCHENKERocean issues its own ocean or multimodal Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill.

While global trade is increasing in size and complexity, DB Schenker is able to cover your door-to-door shipments in one document.Great care has been applied in making sure this Bill of Lading conforms to international standards, including the “UCP 600” (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits).


Enlarge imageBill of Lading, Schenker AG

Enlarge imageSea Waybill, Schenker AG

Last modified: 26.08.2014

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