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New EU Security Rules

European Union security rules

Pre-arrival filing provisions for all EU bound air cargo is a legal obligation. ICS (Import Control System) is the electronic security declaration system for the importation of goods into the European Union.

Air carriers are responsible to transmit an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the first EU Customs entry point considering the following time limits:

  • Long haul flights (more than 4 hours): 4 hours prior to arrival at the first EU-airport− Short haul flights (less than 4 hours): latest actual take-off

This applies for all cargo import and transit in an EU airport as well as for freight remaining on board (FROB). Norway and Switzerland are within the scope of ICS.  Air carriers will transmit one single ENS per Master Airway bill. To ensure that the ENS is filed in due time, air carriers will require complete shipment data prior to loading. Therefore it is essential that you send the following data elements to your DB Schenker office as early as possible and within the time frame provided by your DB Schenker booking office:

  • Number of packages
  • Cargo gross weight
  • Goods description
  • At least first 4 digits of the HTS code
  • UN dangerous goods code (if applicable)
  • Shipper information – detailed address data
  • Consignee information – detailed address data
  • Destination
  • SLAC count
  • Payment code (pp or cc)

DB Schenker completed development of its system enhancements needed to comply with these requirements. DB Schenker is asking its exporting customers to make sure HTS or Schedule B numbers are provided with their shipment documentation regardless of the destination. This will help ensure no shipment delays occur as a result of these new EU requirements.

Last modified: 12.08.2014

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