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Mexico Expedited solutions

Announcing a faster and more efficient LTL service between USA and Mexico

Reach Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City from anywhere in the USA... or the world. DB Schenker offers an innovative, expedited end-to-end supply chain solution connecting the world to Mexico.

DB Schenker makes shipping to and from Mexico easy. We maximize efficiency, balance transit time with cost and ensure your freight is handled right.

Faster transit times than traditional LTL and generally less costly than air freight.

Service options depart from anywhere in the world and consolidate in Los Angeles and Dallas to provide one carrier thru service across the border. DB Schenker’s expedited Mexico service offers customs clearance at the destination airport with an average clearance time of just eight hours. This integrated solution saves from three to five days of transit time versus traditional LTL border crossing service.

Your shipment is secure with DB Schenker.

Air cargo moves from trailer to plane, and traditional LTL may get consolidated and inspected numerous times, thereby exposing your cargo to additional movement and risks. With our expedited Mexico connection, you avoid multiple transfers of oversized, complicated or sensitive commodities by allowing it to remain on just one trailer. With unlimited variable capacity, and less damage with no handling at the border, the new service offers significant advantages to the automotive, healthcare and high-tech industries. Our expedited solutions offer a complete integrated transportation solution in North America putting you in control of your shipments.

Last modified: 26.04.2016

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