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Eliminate costly duties and fees

We make operating in a foreign-trade zone a familiar experience

Our Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) services provide a competitive approach to applying for and implementing a FTZ Program to help minimize, or even eliminate, these costly duties and fees.

You know how to operate efficiently and cost effectively inside the country. Why shouldn’t you be able to do the same outside? In fact, in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, you’re faced with just such a mandate: to reduce costs in spite of extraordinary import duties and related customs fees.

Our hands-on experience and relationships with officials in the field allows our team to optimize and implement savings associated with operating in a FTZ for many years to come while freeing up your internal resources for other important matters.

When and why should you consider utilizing a FTZ?

There are several indicators. If you have a high effective duty rate, or have inventory that turns slowly. If you re-export assembled and/or finished goods or service parts. If you assemble or manipulate imported goods, have a large number of customs entries each week, or consistently reach MPF maximum on each entry. Finally, if you import goods into the USA for distribution.

Our services range from General Purpose Zone (GPZ) operational capabilities in our own facilities, implementation of dedicated facilities (GPZ or subzone environment), as well as third party administration services. These include:

  • An assessment of the appropriate services and corresponding operational needs based on a feasibility assessment
  • Assistance with FTZ application
  • Assistance with Customs Activation and corresponding implementation
  • An FTZ Procedures Manual and required documentation for activation
  • Assistance in selection and implementation of an inventory control system
  • Operational services based on recommended resources

Last modified: 12.04.2017

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