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Cargo Insurance

Taking care of risks

We don’t just move your goods; we protect them. With our years of experience and dedication in assisting our customers, Schenker will provide you with excellent support and guidance.

Experienced in cargo insurance for trading companies, exporters and importers, our risk management professionals will work to ensure all your coverage needs are met. As a leading global logistics company, we offer a single-source complete risk management solution.

Taking the complexity out of insurance and the risk out of shipping.

As the world economy continues to expand, so does the volume and complexity of international cargo shipments. Schenker offers a comprehensive range of products specifically designed to meet the changing needs of today’s sophisticated cargo shippers. Through Schenker’s risk management solutions, our brokers and underwriters obtain coverage for your shipments in a prompt manner anywhere in the world.

For a complete door-to-door insurance solution, we also offer:

OPEN Cargo Insurance is an all risk cargo policy which is the broadest form of shipping insurance. An open cargo policy automatically insures your company’s shipments on set terms, conditions and rates without the need to contact your insurance brokers or transportation carriers each time your cargo is moved.

Warehouse Insurance: An open cargo insurance policy can extend to goods stored during the normal course of transit. High-limit specific warehouse coverage may be added as well. This can also include flood, windstorm or earthquake coverage as required.

Domestic Transportation Insurance: Domestic transit coverage can be added to cover all shipments within each individual country, whether by motor truck, railroad, aircraft, barge or package service.

Why choose Schenker?

  • Your cargo is even more secure with policies underwritten by top-rated international insurance carriers.
  • We offer broader coverage at lower rates than broker-issued policies due to our global purchasing power.
  • As one of the world’s top logistics providers, our volume allows us to arrange coverage that is not otherwise offered.
  • In the event of a claim for loss or damage, we work as a liaison between your company and the insurance company. You’ll save time and money, and our experts can assist in recovering your full claim.

It’s simple. We have you covered whether you are a one-time shipper or a large multinational corporation with a complex supply chain. Please contact your risk management professional directly to see how we can help you protect your valuable freight.

Last modified: 12.08.2014

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