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Duty Drawback

What you know can save you money

Duty Drawback is a tremendous avenue for Importers and Exporters to recoup duties and taxes previously paid on imported merchandise being exported or destroyed.

Schenker is aligned with J.G. Eberlein & Co. of West Islip, NY to service the Duty Drawback requirements of our customers. J.G. Eberlein's reputation and experience in the field of Duty Drawback spans over 75 years. Six Licensed Customs Brokers with over 200 years of combined Duty Drawback experience provide our customers with the following services:

  • Preparation and Submission of Manufacturer's Drawback contracts
  • Preparation and Submission of all requests for Special Privileges (Accelerated Payment, Waiver of Prior Notice, One-Time Waiver of Prior Notice)
  • Filing of Requests for Commercial Interchangeability
  • Preparation and Filing of all Duty Drawback Claims
  • On-Site follow-up with the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border
  • Protection to ensure timely payment of Duty Drawback Claims
  • Duty Drawback Audit Services
  • Record Retention Management
  • Complete Management of the claimant's Duty Drawback account

For a free, no obligation assessment of your company's Duty Drawback potential, please download and complete the Schenker Duty Drawback Questionnaire on the right.

Last modified: 21.08.2014

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