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Examining your supply chain continuously

The healthcare logistics market is a rapidly evolving environment. You are making major investments in the development of healthcare products and patients require safe and effective medicines.

This is why supply chain expertise and efficiency are becoming ever increasingly critical factors for the success of your business.

Medical devices and pharmaceuticals all require highly specialized transportation networks and secured, licensed and regulated warehouses. This means not only having the required products permanently in stock, but also delivering the right products to the right person at the right time and place, while returning and disposing of expired medicines or medical devices in the most efficient manner. Meeting all these requirements, such as having the necessary licensing, specialist skills and when required, temperature control services are becoming increasingly important to all Healthcare Manufacturers'.

This is where DB Schenker Logistics can provide the solution to your healthcare business requirements. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare logistics industry we have the knowledge and expertise you need to secure and run your supply chain. Working together with many of the major companies in the healthcare industry, our dedicated Healthcare teams continuously bring maximum value to the healthcare industry.

Our range of services and locations around the world enables us to provide the service options that you require.

We treat your products as if they are our own

More than ever, medical devices are highly sophisticated and are being transported and stored by our experts with highest safety and accuracy. Within our regional distribution centers we manage the execution of your supply chain, offering operational, administrative support and services such Finished Goods Fulfillment for both pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturer.

We understand the special treatment required for medical devices and the importance of quality services (GDP/GMP, TAPA certificates) and our expert teams all contribute to keeping your medical devices in perfect condition throughout the supply chain.

The handling of pharmaceuticals must comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements, including cold chain and security which means that we are constantly developing our specialized knowledge and expertise. The importance of having the required products in stock and delivering these products in a secured way can never be under-estimated.

We aim to fully satisfy customer requirements, our warehouses are tailored to your needs and we offer various value adding services, including, relabeling, batch sampling and even last mile distribution to pharmacies or hospitals in some key markets.

For us, Healthcare logistics is not just about moving boxes.  At DB Schenker we always keep in mind that eventually every product that we handle could end up in a human body.

Where healthcare quality is your top concern, outstanding logistical service is ours

Having to deal with special healthcare products, you require specialized solutions from your logistic provider. DB Schenker Logistics is the right partner to provide the link between you and your customers to meet the special requirements of healthcare logistics:

  • Quality Programs
  • Licensed & Regulated facilities
  • Dedicated and Qualified staff (GDP trained, Subject Matter Experts)
  • Specialized facilities and capabilities (Value Added Services; GMP activities, Cold Chain, Order Management)
  • Integrated and End-to-end Healthcare services (Warehousing & Transport)

Enlarge imageDB Schenker Healthcare Global Products, DB AG

DB Schenker Logistics acquires best practices from a diversified customer base across the globe and continuously meets or exceeds service levels. We provide to you a combination of recognizable global strengths, process improvements and experience in healthcare logistics solutions all along the time critical and costly supply chain. Our core capabilities include:

  • Quality Certificates (QEHS/ISO, TAPA, C-TPAT)
  • Cold chain solutions (i.e. chilled room, GPS equipped Ocean Containers)
  • Security solutions (CCTV, security guards, alarm system & access control)
  • Key Healthcare Certificates (GDP,GMP)
  • Approved Healthcare warehouse facilities
  • End to End traceability

Last modified: 12.08.2014

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