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FLEX - the business excellence program

Exceptional performance begins with our own attitudes

The scope of FLEX (Flawless Execution) covers the entire customer lifecycle and is the basis for a sustainable improvement culture within DB Schenker Contract Logistics/SCM.

FLEX is our approach to achieve business excellence - the four modules:

Workflow Excellence

  • Deliver high quality throughout the complete customer life cycle
  • Increase of speed through common language and templates
  • Commercial risk assessment and risk management in projects limit risk exposure

Operational Excellence

  • Achieve high level productivity and efficiency
  • Set up and maintain global quality and process standards
  • Create a continuous improvement culture

Eco Excellence

  • Consider energy efficiency in all management and operation activities
  • Reduce waste and consumption of energy and water
  • Set green standards to minimize CO2 emissions

Knowledge Excellence

  • Transfer our managerial & technical skills and know how along the customer life cycle
  • Distribution of best in class solutions within the organization
  • Promote personal development through motivation and advanced trainings

Last modified: 03.09.2014

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