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Harmonize your supply chain services

Supply chain management

With our core competencies in global freight transportation management as well as a full range of logistics and supply chain management services - DB Schenker has the right solution, to help you better manage and control your supply chain.

DB Schenker acts as a Supply Chain Solutions Provider by re-designing, integrating and managing our customers’ supply chains. Our Supply Chain services integrate and manage the entire global value chain between suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners and customers.

Our Supply Chain Services cover:

  • Lead Logistics and 4th Party Logistics Solutions (LLP/4PL)
  • Strategic Network Design
  • Sales and Order Management

Your Benefits are:

  • Administration Cost Reduction
    - Single point of contact and integrator of information flow between all parties
    - Low Labor Costs of Control Towers located in low cost countries
  • Transport Cost Reduction
    - Better shipment planning using load/shipment/route optimization
    - Customer’s transport network optimization
    - Utilizing our purchasing power to reach lower buying costs.
  • Increased Reliability and Control
    - Shipment and Part Number visibility across multiple carriers
    - Supply Chain monitoring and exceptions management
    - Inventory Reduction and less expediting costs
    - Reduced supply chain irritation costs

Enlarge imageSupply Chain Management, DB AG

We will act as a 3rd party transportation manager or Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), leveraging our established solution sets, global transportation networks, strategic partners and technology to realign your supply chain to reduce costs, increase flexibility and build inventory velocity. Combined with our End-to-End Sales and Order Management Services, our customers get full supply chain transparency and reliability.

Our Strategic Network Design tools assist our customers in determining the optimum distribution network for them. This process takes a holistic view of locations, facilities and flows of materials/ products and uses a number of modeling tools to build improved current and future-proofed solutions.

The key to our success is the intelligent combination and coordination of different traffic carrier partners, multi-modal transportation options, the ideal utilization of our comprehensive logistics services, specialized industry knowledge and a good understanding of the multi-cultural and multi-regulatory business environment and market of every country.

Last modified: 03.09.2014

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