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Eco results - the most environmentally conscious transportation solutions

Beyond the words and the measurement, we’re working at all levels to drive down environmental impact for all logistics. A good example is our sustainability measures for land transport:

  • Energy Efficient Driving – all DB Schenker drivers and subcontractors have participated in energy efficiency driving tutorials.
  • Automotive Engineering – the DB Schenker’s truck fleet, including our subcontractors, meets and exceeds North American and Euro acceptable limits for exhaust emissions.
  • Hub Systems – ecologically sensitive and economical transport routes are managed by combining traffic streams and optimizing the capacity of carriers.
  • Monitoring – we carry out annual assessments of subcontractors according to the most stringent ecological classifications.

What exactly have our green initiatives achieved so far?

Road Transport:

  • More than 80% of DB Schenker owned trucks in Europe are Euro class 5 or 6 and over 50% of our word fleet in operation runs within long term emission guidelines
  • 30,000 of DB Schenker and subcontracted drivers have been trained in ecological driving
  • Our truck fleet’s fuel consumption is managed by on-board units in European countries and China
  • DB Schenker is a leading member of the U.S. EPA SmartWay program


  • DB Schenker has been supervising preferred carrier performance since 2008
  • Our E-freight program is paperless
  • We are members of the Air Cargo Initiative and the Clean Cargo Working Group, working together with others in the industry to reduce the environmental impact of all air cargo logistics


  • DB Schenker has been supervising preferred carrier performance since 2008
  • We are member of the Clean Cargo Working Group that supervised 85% of the containership capacity globally
  • DB Schenker includes ports and intermodal terminals in green logistic projects


  • DB Schenker supervises energy and water consumption, waste handling and greenhouse gas emissions globally
  • We are on target for a global recycling rate of 60% by 2020
  • We support environmental improvement process by conducting energy audits and sharing best practices

DB Schenker has developed important measures to promote and manage our environmental footprint, but our efforts are ongoing. We move forward to partner with you to build the most environmentally conscious transportation and logistics solutions on a continual basis.

Last modified: 02.11.2015

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