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Modern vehicle fleet

20 percent of DB Schenker’s emissions are produced by land transport

The target in land transport is to reduce specific CO2 emissions by 26 percent of 2006 levels by 2020.

Compared to last year, emissions from land transport increased by 2.1 percent per metric ton kilometer. This rise is due exclusively to the fact that the percentage of 40-ton trucks filled to capacity or nearly to capacity in the network has dropped considerably. This is also reflected in the composition of the fleet. Overall, emissions have dropped approximately 11 percent since 2006 (see figure).

Hub transports in the land transport network in particular, at 30 percent lower, were highly efficient compared to the market average of direct land transport in Europe.

Development of specific CO2-emmissions from land transport, DB AG

The vehicle fleet has also been modernized, which is reflected in lower pollutant levels. Around 93 percent of the vehicles are used in Europe. The remaining 7 percent are accounted for by the American and Asia-Pacific regions. Around the world, some 13 percent of the vehicles are DB Schenker’s own, while the other 87 percent belong to subcontractors.

Last modified: 15.09.2014

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