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Achieving objectives with green solution

Combining different modes of transportation intelligently

By combining different modes of transportation intelligently, DB Schenker aims to be the leading green logistics company. Innovative green solutions are needed. So says Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, Transportation & Logistics Management Board Member at DB Mobil.

Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, Member of the Management Board of DB Mobility Logistics AG with responsibility for Transportation and Logistics, on DB Schenker's new green solutions in May 2011

Dr. Rausch, how important is climate protection today?

Climate protection continues to increase in importance – and we, as a provider of logistics services, have a particular responsibility. To sever the link between CO2 emissions and transportation growth, we need innovative green solutions. We at DB Schenker have a key advantage here: namely, the size of our global network, which spans all modes of transportation. No other company can offer services from a single source in the way we can. There is continued, growing demand for more efficient, environmentally friendly transportation. On the other hand, the readiness to make concessions in terms of price, flexibility and transit time is not great. Nevertheless, we are convinced we have taken a real step forward with our Eco Solutions range. Our Eco Plus solution is already available to all industries – and we currently have four customers on board and are negotiating with a number of others.

How does DB Schenker help its customers in concrete terms to reduce their carbon footprint?

Our networks, which include all the different modes of transportation, are among the most energy-efficient in the logistics market. What's more, we have developed a new package of environmentally friendly solutions, which we are presenting here at the trade fair. In our Eco Solutions range we have solutions for every mode of transportation and can enable our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions along the entire transportation chain. The Eco Solutions range consists of CO2-free, CO2-reduced and CO2-neutral solutions. We provide our customers with the best possible advice and produce an individual CO2 savings plan for them. Eco Optimizer helps us to do this by indicating the CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by our customers' transportation and logistics. It does this using a specially developed tool that calculates emissions along the entire supply chain. We then advise our customers on how to reduce emissions, which may involve changing parts of the route or using more energy-efficient modes of transportation or alternative routes.

You are helping your customers to make a contribution to climate protection efforts. But what is DB Schenker doing to reduce its own carbon footprint?

We have set ourselves the target of becoming the leading green logistics company. And that means, above all, that we have to work continuously to reduce our own CO2 emissions. By the year 2020 we want to have reduced our specific CO2 emissions, which are our emissions in relation to transport volume, by 20 percent from their level in 2006. Since 1990 the DB Group has reduced its specific CO2 emissions in rail transportation by over 40 percent. We achieve these reductions, for example, through better utilization of the various modes of transportation, by modernizing our plant and equipment, by making increased use of modern, more energy-efficient vehicles and by increasing the proportion of energy we derive from renewable sources. We also train our locomotive drivers and all of the truck drivers we use to drive energy efficiently, which has an important role to play. As a result, we use up to 10 percent less fuel or energy.

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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