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North America Tradeshow and Conventions

North America Tradeshow and Conventions

Tradeshow Planners.

Tradeshow planners, here is how we can assist you:

As your official Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder, DB Schenker will perform the following tasks for you:

  • Obtain official recognition for your event by Canada Customs with authorization to use our "Border to Show" service - where all the shipments are cleared at the event site
  • Provide Customs information for all exhibitors, delegates and speakers
  • Assist you and your exhibitors in completing all relevant forms and documents
  • Prepare export documentation and return bills of lading for outbound materials
  • Advance warehousing options
  • Provide Customs Specialists on-site from the first day of move-in to the last day of move-out

And should you require assistance in coordinating your Event:

  • DB Schenker will contact the exhibitors to assist them with their individual Customs and transportation requirements.
  • DB Schenker will provide a list of freight-on-hand to event mangers and exhibitors, making arrangements for delivering the goods to the event site.
  • DB Schenker personnel present at the event site will verify the goods and supervise the unloading of shipments during move-in at the event site.
  • DB Schenker personnel who are present at the event site will discuss and obtain from each exhibitor instructions regarding the return or disposal of their goods at the end of the event. Exhibitors can also consult DB Schenker personnel regarding information on Customs.
  • During move-out, DB Schenker personnel present on-site, will ensure that the carriers possess proper export documentation
  • Register the goods coming from the US with the US Customs prior to exporting them to avoid any delays during re-entry.
  • DB Schenker personnel will track the inbound and outbound movement of exhibitor’s freight and ensure that the freight reaches the required destination. 

Are you an Exhibitor, here is how we can assist!

Attending a show, cross border or domestic. We can assist with your fright, customs and material handing. DB Schenker will perform the following tasks for you:

  • Quote door to door, picking up the goods from with delivery to the site and return so your sales teams just focus on their sales and let us work on your logistics.
  • We can provide advance warehousing options if you require,
  • If you’re an exhibitor heading from Canada anywhere Las Vegas, Chicago, Edmonton, Germany, Turkey or Halifax we can provide you with a quote from any destination to your expo and return.

Our range of services can include:

  • Trade fair transportation and exhibits import & export  - globally
  • Combined package of stand set-up, exhibits and advertising materials
  • Temporary storage
  • Stand supply right on time
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Empties: collection, storage and delivery
  • Transport and exhibition insurance
  • Well-experienced, multi-lingual and technically as well as commercially competent specialists
  • Provision of our own equipment, e.g. forklifts, cranes, trucks and special equipment

Long-term business success requires convincing presentation - in all the major markets and especially at the important trade fairs all over the world. DB SCHENKERfairs looks after the entire trade fair organisation for companies in the most diverse sectors.

Last modified: 22.02.2017

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