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Contingency Audits

Contingency Audits

Paying too much duty? The math is straightforward.

We can recover funds you didn't even know you had!

  • Are you paying duties and taxes?
  • Are you eligible for a refund?
  • Is your company’s merchandise properly classified?

In large part, the customs tariff is interpretive. With this in mind, it allows us to lower your duty costs with competitive tariff classifications. We accomplish this by way of advance ruling application suggestions.

DB Schenker’s Customs Trade & Compliance Consulting experts will help you answer these questions and it won’t cost you a penny!

That’s right. If we can’t get you a refund, you don’t pay!

What’s more, DB Schenker’s Customs Consultants have recovered millions of dollars in refunds and saved Importers millions of dollars in customs duties and taxes.

As the Canadian economy slows down, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. We can show you where to find thousands of dollars you didn’t even know you had – even going back four years! And, you’ll save even more money going forward.

DB Schenker’s Customs Consulting services will help you enhance your firm’s compliance profile with Canada Customs. Not only will we help you recover lost funds, but we can also help with faster shipment releases; make you eligible for enhanced options with Customs; and reduce your risk of penalties and fines.

If need be, we’ll even take your case to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT). At the Tribunal, DB Schenker Customs Consulting tries more cases across every industry sector than all other consultants and brokers combined. If we don’t win your case – you don’t pay!

Speak with your Chief Financial Officer or Controller and find out if it makes sense to save your company money today and in the future.

DB Schenker Customs Trade & Compliance Consulting -- Help is just a phone call away.

Last modified: 06.08.2015

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