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US Brokerage

U.S. Customs Brokerage Services

We will assist you with all aspects of customs activities.

With coverage at all major ports along the largest trade lane in the world, DB Schenker can clear your goods 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One point of contact

Shipping to the United States can be very complicated and intimidating. Our U.S. Customs experts can assist you in preparing for shipping into the United States and can walk you through the procedures that must be followed to meet your compliance needs for customs laws and regulations.

Regardless of where your shipment is released within the DB Schenker network, each entry will be created and submitted by a single, dedicated service team familiar with your company and your U.S. import program.

Streamlined trade with advanced technology

From our internal operating system to our client-driven electronic solution, DB Schenker is committed to the development of cutting-edge technology, designed to support our clients’ trade requirements. By implementing EDI/e-Commerce partnerships, we will help streamline your cross-border trade, while supporting your company’s customs compliance commitments.


DB Schenker provides powerful electronic application that allows the efficient and compliant movement of all goods, including FDA regulated products, into and within the United States. We can help you to improve work flow, reduce costs and constantly meets government regulations and requirements in many ways:

  • Simplifies obtaining FDA Prior Notice (PNN) numbers
  • Simplifies the creation of shipment records and customs documentation
  • Generates and sends the Electronic Manifest to US Customs
  • Improves the accuracy and integrity of product information
  • Eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, as the information is only entered once
  • Eliminates most data entry errors
  • Easy to create reports
  • Meets US regulatory requirements
  • More timely distribution of shipment information

Duty Drawback

Don’t forget your Canadian drawback if you are exporting to the United States. Let Schenker help you with identifying and uncovering opportunities to bring your cost down!

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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