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Customs Self Assessment

Customs Self Assessment

A progressive trade option for clients who invest in compliance.

As part of the Customs Action Plan, the CBSA has introduced the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) Program.

The Customs Self Assessment (CSA) Program is a progressive trade option for clients who invest in compliance.   Based on the principles of risk management and partnership, pre-approved importers who import low risk goods into Canada from the U.S., using pre-approved carriers and drivers will have access to streamline clearance and reporting options for their goods.

Although there are up-front costs to the program, the long-term benefits can be significant. Some of these could include:

  • Greater certainty at the border or point of entry of eligible CSA goods, allowing the predictability and assurance that can improve a company’s competitive advantage
  • Streamlined clearance for low-risk, U.S. originating shipments
  • Elimination of the pre-arrival data requirement
  • Extended timeframes for accounting to customs can benefit your company’s cash flow position as well as increase your compliance level, thereby reducing your potential financial exposure

DB Schenker can assist you to evaluate and assess your company’s CSA eligibility and readiness. If CSA is the appropriate program for your organization, DB Schenker can facilitate the application process, as well as interface and exchange trade data with the CBSA on your behalf once you have become a CSA importer.

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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