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DB Schenker Advantage

Contract Logistics/SCM

DB Schenker is your International Partner for Logistics Solutions.

DB Schenker is your international partner for complex logistics solutions along your entire supply chain and for defined areas of your logistics - from the supplier to delivery to the customer, from reverse logistics to aftermarket support.

At DB Schenker Contract Logistics/SCM stands for the efficient bundling together of numerous logistical functions into a single service package involving increased complexity. All services are offered from a single source - to meet individual customer needs.

A warehouse is an essential yet expensive part of any supply chain. Make yours an asset rather than a cost. We have the expertise – and the passion – to make your supply chain simply perform better. DB Schenker’s warehouse management technology can help you:

  • Reduce costs: Our innovative warehouse management technology minimizes resource costs. Reduce costs by utilizing distribution and warehousing facilities.
  • Raise service levels:  Leverage DB Schenker for the latest in new technology adding value to existing warehousing requirements, your supply chain, and overall operation by reducing expenses, improving quality and service levels.
  • Flexibility: Offering a number of services to meet your needs.  Extend your distribution network by combining warehousing with transport and customs services. DB Schenker’s holistic approach is your advantage. With over 11 million square feet of warehousing and value added services located in North America.
  • Automation: Security, process control, operator experience and training, cross docking, reverse logistics and kitting services are the key features to our value-added warehousing solutions. 

Core products

  • Procurement & Manufacturing: Global solutions for your procurement and manufacturing logistics – from the supplier to the manufacturer's production
  • Fulfillment Logistics: Comprehensive fulfillment logistics solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Service & Aftermarket: Global spare part and reverse logistics solutions
  • Supply Chain Solutions: Professional design, integration and support of your entire global value creation chain

Industry solutions

  • Automotive: Customized logistics solutions for the automotive and supplier industry
  • Consumer: Integrated logistics services for the consumer goods industry and retail
  • Electronics: Proven solutions for the electronics and high-tech industry
  • Industrial: Flexible solutions for industrial product manufacturers and the aerospace industry

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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