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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Management at DB Schenker

Empowering your Supply Chain.

Imagine a warehouse that knows what’s on its shelves. Imagine a warehouse that puts shipments together on its own. Imagine a warehouse that is virtually accident-free. Now, imagine what this would mean for your supply chain. With DB Schenker’s automated, Supply Chain solutions, the warehouse of the future can be yours today. We’ll deliver:

  • A turn-key operation.   We get your automated warehouse up and running. 
  • Leading technology. We’re certain everything will work from day one because we partner with leading firms like IBM to obtain our technology.
  • Accuracy.  Our system delivers the correct order over 99.95 percent of the time; the orders arrive on-time over 99.95 percent of the time; and they are damage-free over 99.95 percent of the time.
  • Flexibility. The automated systems can work at higher speeds when required; no temporary staff needs to be hired. And very specific customer requirements are met and tracked by our automated systems.
  • Bottom line value. Our system cuts your costs, and distributes your goods accurately, on-time, and damage free.
  • Fewer injuries. The more human hands involved in a warehouse, the more injuries you’ll incur. Automation is the answer.

 "When you look at what we were able to achieve - all the key performance indicators, the productivity and efficiencies, we’re actually exceeding our goals."

Mike Therrien, Unilever

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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