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DB SCHENKERskybridge

The best of Air and Ocean

Efficient lead times, optimum cost

DB SCHENKERskybridge, the intermodal transport system, combines the advantages of air and ocean freight: You tell us the starting point and destination, we'll find the best route.

DB Schenker combines all the economic benefits of air and ocean freight with DB SCHENKERskybridge. The only priorities are your priorities. If you want speed, choose air freight. But air freight comes at a price, because every kilogram counts.

If cost is a key factor in your decision, for heavy loads or high volumes choose ocean freight. But ocean freight takes longer.

Our solution. Combined economy with DB SCHENKERskybridge:

  • As your link to global markets
  • Combines the advantages of air and ocean freight
  • A service option which keeps your deadlines yet cuts freight costs

DB SCHENKERskybridge is available on all key routes, from Asia via the US West Coast to Europe/Latin America and from Asia via Dubai or Vancouver to Europe. DB SCHENKERskybridge is also a cost-effective alternative for shipments from Europe to the South Pacific region.

Last modified: 02.12.2015

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