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DB SCHENKERjetexpress

The fascination of high speed with Jetexpress

Worldwide door-to-door, as if it was next-door

DB SCHENKERjetexpress is a reliable, fast logistics service. DB Schenker has made it its mission to meet those demands, and has done so with its premium door-to-door product.

DB Schenker's experience in planning and executing transport services will benefit you, along with our global network of branch offices and first-class partner carriers, guaranteeing you optimum global presence and exactly the transport links you need.

Global door-to-door express service - you determine how fast the express delivery is to be. Reliable, flexible and efficient. DB SCHENKERjetexpress offers you air freight services with perfection and high speed. With scheduled links to more than 120,000 destinations in 220 countries all over the world, we offer you maximum control and undreamt-of flexibility in all modes of express shipment.

DB SCHENKERjetxpress gold - our premium solution for your express requirements:

  • No dimensional or weight restrictions, though it is focused on lighter-weight shipments
  • The SCHENKERjetxpress team - monitoring your shipment all the way to your recipient's address
  • Includes all customs procedures
  • Service and price transparency
  • Online tracking enables you to view all the data on your shipment in real time, any time

DB SCHENKERjetxpress silver - our efficient solution for your express requirements:

  • Global door-to-door service
  • Your cost advantage: Slightly longer transit times mean transport costs are reduced
  • Customs clearance is still included
  • Our Internet e-services provide you with global transparency

Two service levels – one philosophy.

DB SCHENKERjetxpress for time-critical express shipments:

  • Global, thanks to a worldwide network
  • Fast, thanks to selected carrier express services
  • Comprehensive, thanks to integrated door-to-door service
  • Reliable, thanks to network standards and efficient operating procedures
  • Flexible, thanks to Gold and Silver service level options
  • Calculable, thanks to all-in prices (excluding duty and taxes)
  • Adaptable, thanks to freedom from dimensional and weight restrictions
  • Transparent, thanks to online tracking

Last modified: 02.12.2015

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