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DB SCHENKERcritical parts replacement

When your production line is dying, call DB Schenker for CPR

Taking care of your customers is your priority, making sure you can is ours.

DB Schenker will deliver your replacement parts directly to where you need them – faster and more cost-effectively than our competitors.

DB Schenker has a proven critical parts solution that combines the efficiency of the integrators, the speed of the airlines, and the flexibility of DB Schenker to deliver your critical parts perfectly. We offer:

  • Flexibility - We bypass the rigid “hub and spoke system” to save time
  • Customization - We optimize existing transportation rates through customization of transportation options.
  • Efficiency - We make the international components of the shipment efficient through consolidation

"Schenker’s Critical Parts Replacement (CPR) Program has allowed BMW Canada Inc. to dramatically improve customer service levels to our national dealer network…[it] contributes to delivering “ The Ultimate Driving Experience”!
Susan Simmons – BMW Canada Inc. AfterSales – Parts, Customs and Traffic

Last modified: 02.12.2015

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