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Fresh delivery of your sensitive goods

Ocean freight service for fresh and sensitive goods

With DB SCHENKERperishables we offer door-to-door solutions for sensitive goods which require special atmospheric conditions along the entire transport chain.

Thanks to our global expert network, DB Schenker is able to respond to your individual requirements to make sure your sensitive goods get to their destination as cold, as fresh, as ventilated, as dry and as well-tempered as required.

DB SCHENKERperishables is a special logistics service for:

  • Fish and seafood
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Cut flowers and ferns
  • Bulbs

Your benefits at a glance:

  • DB SCHENKERperishables quality on all trade lanes with competitive transit times
  • Access to efficient and environmental friendly equipment, such as:
    - Refrigerated containers maintaining precise and constant temperatures
    - Controlled atmosphere technologies (e.g. AFAM+, eAutofresh) to suppress spoiling and mould
    - Controlled ventilation systems
  • Careful monitoring along the entire transport chain

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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