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Unit load

Unit load

Domestic and Transborder.

The transportation process involves more than just finding the ideal carrier, picking up and moving goods from one place to another. Unit load is a convenient and cost-effective way to route shipments to new points or add point pairings with compliant carriers who have capacity.

The Unit Load Domestic and Transborder services match the transport needs of our customers with the right transport solution. When our customers choose our Unit Load Domestic and Transborder services, they will benefit from:

A flexible and customized solution: Our staff will help them design the most cost-effective solutions by matching their transport needs. We ship any size shipment - either full or part load within NAFTA countries.

Speed: Our extensive list of clients and carriers ensures that we can meet their requirements quickly.

Dedicated customer service: Their shipment’s path is plotted in advance and its progress can be tracked online. We move it swiftly and efficiently through customs.

Competitive Pricing: Our strong relationship with the carrier community means our rates are very competitive. We provide contract rates and spot prices. Whether you have a one time project or consistent replenishment requirements, we have the solution for your customers.

Continental Reach: We ensure their goods reach any location in North America.

Reliability: We deal only with partners who reflect the highest standards of our industry and pass on compliance standards.

At DB Schenker, we match the customers’ requirements with the right transport solution.

Last modified: 11.09.2014

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