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Flatbed Specialized Division

The equipment power you need.

With our Flat Bed Specialized Division we can quickly and efficiently pair irregular or oversized shipments that are too big to fit in a typical van or truck with the correct equipment.

By choosing this service our customers receive:

Purchasing power through our carrier network: With our extensive network of providers we can source the Flat Bed transport that is perfectly suited to their needs throughout the NAFTA region.

Save time: We spend our time finding the customer a transport solution including route surveys, over dimentional planning, etc.

The equipment power you need: Whether it's steel, concrete, machinery, plastic pipe or lumber, we have the expertise to move your loads by Flat Bed, and Flat Bed loads get the care and attention they deserve at a competitive price. Flat Bed Trailers - (from 43' - 53'), Double-Drop Trailers - 11'6" Height max. (from 25' to 30' Lower Deck), Step Deck or Drop Deck Trailers - 10' Height max. (from 34' - 42' Lower Deck), Extreme Trailers - up to 150', Specialized Equipment Trailers for other applications such as: oversized loads, (incl. permits & escort loads), RGN's, boom trucks or detachable and tilt trailers.

Choose exactly how you want your goods moved: We tailor the solution to their needs. Customers choose how fast they want the goods moved, how they want them handled and how we can help deliver their shipments perfectly.

When it comes to non-standard shipments, DB Schenker’s Flat Bed Specialized Division service is uniquely positioned to our customers goods to their destination on time.

Last modified: 17.12.2014

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