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Central dispatch services

DB Schenker central dispatch services

One call for all your needs.

Importing goods by ocean rail is one challenge, but getting them from the rail yard or port to the customer is another. Once your shipment arrives, it must be cleared through customs, picked up from the rail yard, moved to a warehouse and deconsolidated or delivered direct. If deconsolidated, the end customer must be notified, a delivery must be scheduled and the goods are then shipped. Get all of these steps right and the customer may order from you again. Get any of them wrong and the customer can face delays, incur fees and maybe even the loss of business.

To manage this multi-stage logistical process, we’ve created a DB Schenker Central Dispatch Service (SCDS). This service handles our customers shipments from the moment it arrives at the rail yard to the moment the customer takes delivery – whether it’s a simple FCL intact delivery or a complicated distribution.

Here are some benefits of our SCDS:

Reduce costs: Customers can avoid costly rail yard storage fees because we store their shipments in our local warehouses. There is also a reduction to their delivery charges because we consolidate all of their shipments.

Enjoy peace of mind: We arrange delivery appointments and handle their freight needs. We also handle any customs paperwork before a carrier is dispatched to pick it up.

Gain easy access to important supply chain information: Whether the shipment is moving through Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or Halifax, details are stored on our database and are accessible by DB Schenker personnel anywhere. The customers can also track their shipments online, rail/port appointments, delivery appointments, find POD status' and empty returns.

Know we are capably serving the end customers: Once the goods arrive, we will notify our customers and arrange delivery appointments. If they have questions, we have a dedicated help line that they can call to promptly get their answers.

Be able to move goods accurately: We track shipments twice a day and update our systems accordingly, ensuring that shipments do not get delayed in storage. Our delivery rate is currently 99.89% on time.

Last modified: 11.09.2014

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