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Canada Made Easy (CME)

DB Schenker's Canada Made Easy Service

Take control of your Canadian supply chain.

What is Canada Made Easy?

Taking control of your supply chain to Canada can be a complex task fraught with pain points. You have to deal with shipping, customs brokerage rules and regulations, storage and multiple carriers. Let DB Schenker manage the entire process for you and your customers.

Canada Made Easy (CME) is tailored to your needs with solutions that are specific to your product and customer service requirements. 

CME is not just about Land Transport; it’s an all modes, full service package!

The CME program provides a solution to the traditional challenges of shipping still used by many Fortune 500 companies today. CME offers a stress-free service for cargo heading to Canada by synchronizing your supply chain and maintaining control of the entire shipment flow from origin to destination. No longer will you have to deal with various service providers within the delivery flow. With DB Schenker, we will reduce costs and optimize your supply chain to Canada.

Canada Made Easy will:

Rationalize fixed assets: Cut costs by reducing inventory duplication, increase capacity utilization, minimize capital and infrastructure costs, adjust to product seasonality and availability and create scalable reverse inventory programs.

Optimize customer service: Reduce time of order" to "time of delivery" for our customers, shorten transit times by redesigning logistics to suit customers’ needs and increase sales opportunities by reducing transaction times. Shipment status events are also distributed as per customer requirements and posted to our Schenker hosted websites or fed directly into our clients IT systems - with proactive shipment exception reporting customized to fit CSR requirements. We also manage and send data directly to the customer, matching whatever KPI requirements they have.

Increase shipment visibility: Shipment statuses are completely transparent to our customers, their dealers and customers from origin pick-up to final destination delivery – including customs clearance processes. Proactive, posted delivery times, automatic appointment process and many other non-standard features and real key performance indicators are provided based on the customers reporting requirements.

Lower costs: Effective at soft cost reduction, fixed asset reduction and reduced transportation costs.

Ease of use: Single point of contact for all verticals, consolidated billing allowing for complete transaction costs and EDI information transfer.

Last modified: 14.11.2016

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