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United States Made Easy (USME)

DB Schenker's United States Made Easy Service

Exporting your products into the USA just got a whole lot easier.

For Canadian exporters, the United States represents a tremendous market for their goods - but getting their trans-border operations up and running can be a daunting undertaking. From choosing warehousing, setting up distribution networks, navigating the ever-changing customs regulations, the challenges seem endless. Schenker recognizes that our customers want to move quickly – and is there to help through these challenges and through the border.

USME includes:

An end-to-end solution: We draw upon leading providers of transportation, warehousing, distribution and customs services for our customers, providing a seamless extension to their supply chains, including a complete operational solution with 100% track and tracking.

Unlimited reach: Our scale and infrastructure means we can help our customers do business with companies across the United States.

Additional, value-added services: Include tracking, pick and pack, customs clearance and reverse logistics services - which will help our clients keep their supply chains running smoothly.

Simplicity: As their businesses become more complex, logistics will stay simple. We can handle their administrative needs, deal with vendors and provide consolidated invoicing.

Last modified: 15.01.2016

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