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New Air Cargo Security Program

Have you registered for Transport Canada's New Air Cargo Security Program?

Canada's Air Cargo Security Program

As part of Transport Canada's Secure Supply Chain initiative, Phase 2 of the program is now in place and expands the scope to include shippers and other cargo operators. This initiative not only makes the supply chain more secure, but works to reduce bottlenecks by:

1. Allowing the cargo to be screened at various points of the supply chain 2. Once cargo is screened, it is kept secure from any tampering while moving through the supply chain

Members of the program, including the participants of Phase 1 can now register with Phase 2 of the program under New Participant Categories.

For our shippers wishing to participate in the Air Cargo Security Program, please contact Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security Support Center, or apply directly through the program website at www.tc.gc.ca/eng/aviationsecurity/asc-41.htm, to begin the application process.

Key Timelines
Application deadline : March 31, 2016 (applications could still be submitted  after this date, however note they may not get qualified by the implementation date)
Implementation of Phase 2 : October 17, 2016
For additional information, contact the Air Cargo Security Support Center toll-free at 1-866-375-7342 or by email at aircargo-fretaerien@tc.gc.ca.

You may also refer to the shipper fact sheet and the detailed information session presented in the site for more details.  For your convenience, we have included these documents for download.

Last modified: 08.04.2016


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