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DB Schenker Furniture Expertise

DB Schenker Furniture Solutions

Furniture logistics expertise with DB Schenker's LTL Furniture Program and Asia Market.

Shorter Lead Times meet your delivery schedules
In such a competitive environment as the Furniture Industry, where margins are small – and margins for error even smaller – it is essential that your supply chain is highly efficient. DB Schenker, a global logistics provider, is uniquely positioned to help you make this happen. DB Schenker's furniture group offerings enhance your bottom line by making your supply chain as efficient as possible, providing you shorter lead times to meet your tight delivery schedule!

The Challenges
DB Schenker understands the challenges that are facing the North American Furniture Industry today……..time really is money.

Reducing Cycle Times - With recent increase in offshore product sourcing, planning cycles must be evaluated as retail customers are demanding quality customer service, while retailers seek to reduce inventory to cash cycles to ensure operations remain profitable

  • Increased costs of carrying significant furniture inventory – Manufacturers are increasing their effort to sell full container loads directly to importers, rather than having merchandise flow through their distribution centers
  • Speed through the Supply Chain - Maximum efficiency with all supply chain partners will allow inventory to move through the pipeline quickly and efficiently. Improving supply chain visibility with the latest technology can improve performance and help place inventory at the right place, and the right time.
  • Longer product lead times
  • New regulatory challenges and clearance difficulties
  • Port delays
  • Logistics Costs - Planning is essential in logistics. Shippers are striving to reduce or eliminate expedited costs and maintain profit margins

The Solution
Shippers will need to adapt to the changing market and seek supply chain partners that provide a high level of visibility and reliability through the supply chain. DB Schenker is able to seamlessly link consolidation, ocean, air, brokerage, truck/rail, warehousing and distribution. Partner with a team of experts that can adapt to your evolving supply chain requirements. An expert in your industry.......one brand, one company - no agencies!

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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